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Although the traditional form of lime plastering has a proven track record and numerous benefits, the modern world has certain demands that can now be met by an evolution of lime plasters and renders. These demands include a faster setting speed, increased mineral and vapour repellence and insulating properties.

As with all things successful in performance, there becomes a market for the supply of the materials. With the demands of modern construction deadlines, there are...A bag ready to mix and go....Unfortunatley as in nature, if you modify something further away from its natural form, it becomes something else. Increased set times, increased workabilty...they have natural resins...some of these can be very beneficial for say a bridge....but for 



The greeks used the word 'emplastos' which means to 'daub on' and thats where we get our English name for plaster.


plaster has a much longer history....we know that the Egyptions were using plaster 4000 years an area that is now modern turkey they were using plaster there some 13,000 years ago and no doubt the history goes even further back since the dawn of civilisation


Plaster is a material in a wet slurry state (plastic) characterised by either a hydarulic set (set by hydration or water) and or a chemical set (carbonation with the atmosphere)


Plasters are mainly named by their binder






BINDERS - Clay, Lime, Gypsum, NHL, Natural cements

The manipulation of lime plaster and minerals including Italian marble, quartz, earth & oxide pigments dates back to ....


We are not inventing anything new, This may be new in our conscionse now but it really is ancient






- For a building to provide these functions, the appropriate choice of materials is paramount  


- The materials & systems we supply & install all provide a function in how they interact with the adjacent building materials & how they interact with the space


- We use materials & methods which have been tried & tested over thousands of years. 

- For a building to provide these functions, appropriate materials must be used   


- All of these functions are controlled by the materials


Hiring a craftsman is not simply paying for the materials and the labour, your paying for years & years of his or her experimentation, trial & error and skills which develop 







same material as limestone, especially with regard to water permeability and moisture absorption. This is why lime exteriors will outlast any cementicious counterparts.


Lime maintains an open pore structure when cured unlike cement which cures to a more dense pore structure making it impermeable 


"Its Value lies in the superior quality of using top quality materials and colour"


"There is a basic chemistry to understand here as there is with cooking, however it is important to respect lime plastering as a craft discipline and not as a science. One which can only ever be truly mastered through experimentation, trial & error with experienced applicators.


Hiring a craftsman is not simply paying for the materials and the labour, your paying for years & years of his or her experimentation, trial & error and skills which develop 

Substrate porosity & surface preparation is of the utmost importance and consideration should be given to this as early as possible in any building or decoration project





Breathable Lime & clay plasters &  have a pedigree of thousands of years. Any building done throughout with natural materials feels fresh, dry, the air feels with a clean smell, warm. ...A building coated in dense impermeable materials cement, after a while you will need fresh air. Even opening a window, the spores of the damp & toxins are still in the air, circulating and being inhaled....Very important today with the emphasis on air tight buildings, where if you fill that space with toxic plaints, plastics, varnishes and floor finishings, you've then got a harmful toxic environment


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